These beautiful French Refined frames are designed specifically for men with a nod to retro designs. They are named for the creator Valentin and represent the modern man of style. Val and Co frames are robust and come in a variety of materials including high quality titanium, metal or acetate.

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What Makes Val & Co Unique?

Val & Co eyewear blends a distinctly masculine design ethos with the timeless appeal of French refinement.

The brand was born from Valentin’s lifelong immersion in the world of eyewear, nurturing a deep appreciation for material quality and innovative design.

Val & Co distinguishes itself with frames that combine robust construction and a variety of high-quality materials such as titanium, metal, and high-grade acetate. Each piece reflects a balance of durability and style, designed to meet the demands of a hectic lifestyle while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.

Brand History

Val & Co emerges from a background rich in eyewear tradition, spearheaded by Valentin, who grew up deeply involved in his family’s eyewear business. His hands-on experience on the sales floor and his exposure to the industry from a young age fueled his passion for eyewear design. This led to the creation of a brand that is both inspired by and dedicated to the dynamics of modern, active living.

The collection’s design ethos is rooted in vintage inspiration, yet each model is crafted to align perfectly with contemporary fashion trends, ensuring relevance and appeal.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

The brand primarily caters to men, embodying both the tranquility and assurance symbolized by the grand stag—an icon that represents the brand’s core values.

Val & Co is ideal for those who lead dynamic lives, whether that be seamlessly fitting into moments of intense productivity or leisurely breaks across the globe.

The collection features a wide range of polarized sunglasses, essential for modern professionals and adventurers alike.

Each design is thoughtfully created to resonate with men who value style, comfort, and functionality in their eyewear, making Val & Co a preferred choice for those who want to add a trendy yet practical touch to their everyday look.