Made in France these gorgeous frames come in full rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless construction.

They are renowned for achieving the perfect balance between colour and shape. What we love about Oxibis is the use of innovative technology in their design, achieving stronger springs and joints that remain lightweight.

Martin’s Eyecare is one of the few Hobart optometrists where you will find this brand.

What Makes Oxibis Unique?

Oxibis is renowned for its vibrant and creative approach to eyewear, bringing a burst of color and unique style to the industry.

The brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design innovations.

Oxibis eyewear distinguishes itself with its patented hinges, specially designed cuts, hollowed rims, and dual-material temples. Each frame is not just a piece of eyewear but a statement of creativity and individual style, showcasing unique color combinations that set Oxibis apart in the eyewear market.

Brand History

The story of Oxibis began in 1992, founded by two Haut-Jura natives, Daniel, an optician, and Jérôme, a frame maker.

They were driven by a shared passion to infuse the eyewear market with color and creativity. Over the past 30 years, Oxibis has evolved from a bold newcomer to one of the largest French eyewear manufacturers.

The brand’s roots in Haut-Jura, a region with a centuries-old reputation in eyewear craftsmanship, have provided a rich heritage that underpins Oxibis’s commitment to quality and innovative design.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Oxibis targets individuals who value both style and comfort in their eyewear. The brand appeals to a demographic that appreciates artistic expression and wishes to reflect this in their choice of glasses.

Oxibis customers are typically those who are not afraid to show off their personalities through vibrant, distinctive frames that stand out.

The emphasis on quality and unique design details attracts a wide range of consumers, from young trendsetters to older individuals looking for eyewear that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.