Furla eyewear is contemporary fashion with an unmistakable touch of creativity, elegance and timeless simplicity.

Combining modern eclecticism with cutting-edge technology the Furla eyewear collection is designed to meet the demands of an exacting, alluring and self-confident woman.

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What Makes Furla Unique?

Furla eyewear encapsulates the essence of Italian luxury, offering contemporary fashion enthusiasts a blend of creativity, elegance, and timeless simplicity.

The brand uniquely stands out for its sophisticated elegance and innovative design, coupled with a rich heritage of time-honored craftsmanship.

Furla designer glasses are designed to cater to the exacting standards of alluring, self-confident women, showcasing modern eclecticism and cutting-edge technology. Its collection reflects a commitment to meeting the desires of a discerning clientele who appreciate the blend of tradition and innovation in their fashion choices.

Brand History

The story of Furla began in 1927, founded by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Italy.

Over the decades, Furla has established itself as a beacon of inclusive luxury. From opening its first store in Bologna in 1955, the brand has consistently expanded its global presence while staying true to its roots in artisanal craftsmanship and Italian elegance.

Today, the Furla brand continues to thrive, embracing the future with its solid past of sophisticated elegance, innovative design, and a broadening range of products including bags, shoes, small leather goods, textiles, eyewear, watches, and fragrances.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Furla appeals to those who seek more than just luxury in their eyewear; it speaks to individuals looking for accessories that embody sophistication, craftsmanship, and a modern aesthetic.

The brand attracts a diverse audience, from young professionals to fashion-forward individuals, who all appreciate the subtle blend of contemporary style with classical elegance.

Furla’s eyewear is for those who value design and quality equally, offering pieces that perfectly complement an upscale, dynamic lifestyle. Through its commitment to innovative designs and the Italian lifestyle, Furla continues to enchant a global audience, making it a cherished name among those who place a premium on timeless luxury and elegance.