Francis Klein specialise in ‘amazing glasses from Paris’.

Through the use of creative shapes including cats-eye, oval and round and a wide range of special colours, Francis Klein frames are famous all around the world.  Outrageous adornments of Swarowski crystals, fabric inlays and ingenious uses of acetate colour blocking are hallmarks of the Francis Klein range.  Hand made in Paris, with a very select distribution in Australia, Francis Klein eyewear represents the epitome of individual expression.

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What Makes Francis Klein Unique?

Francis Klein distinguishes itself in the eyewear industry through its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, elegance, and creativity, a legacy that began in 1970 by Francis Klein and his wife Michèle.

Recognizing early on that glasses were becoming essential fashion accessories, they launched a line of original designer frames that were distinctively different from mainstream offerings.

Handmade in France, each frame is tailored to meet individual needs in shape, color, and decor, ensuring that every piece is as unique as its wearer. The brand’s signature elements—glamor, decoration, color, originality, and artisanal quality—infuse each collection with a bespoke, artistic touch.

Brand History

From it’s humble beginnings as a family-run business, Francis Klein has been driven by a vision to transform eyeglasses into key fashion statements.

Over the decades, this Paris-based label has maintained its boutique appeal while evolving under the stewardship of Dixie and Betty, daughters of the two founders, who now helm the Parisian showroom.

Despite its growth and modernization, Francis Klein remains true to its roots, prioritizing handcrafted quality and innovative design, which have become the hallmarks of their globally esteemed collections.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Francis Klein appeals to a sophisticated audience that sees eyewear not just as a necessity but as a crucial element of personal style.

The brand attracts fashion-forward individuals who appreciate the art of eyewear and are looking for pieces that stand out with a sense of personal expression and aesthetic flair. Francis Klein’s customers are typically those who value quality and craftsmanship over mass-produced goods and are drawn to the brand’s ability to merge traditional techniques with contemporary fashion.

This demographic spans various ages and backgrounds but is unified in its pursuit of unique, stylish eyewear that echoes their individuality and fashion sensibilities.