Single Vision Lens: A lens made to a single prescription in order to correct a particular eyesight problem.

Bifocal Lens: A lens designed for focus both in the far distance and up close.

Multifocal Lens (Progressives): A lens designed for focus in the distance, for focus in middle vision and for focus up close, all without a visible line. Now available in smaller frame styles.

Free Form Multifocal Lens: The latest in design, giving up to 40% less distortion and up to 30% wider visual fields.

Materials Used for Lenses

CR39: Standard plastic lens.

1.56 Index: Martins Eyecare’s lens of choice, as it is 20% thinner and lighter, has a hard-coated front and back and offers 100% UV protection.

1.59 Polycarbonate: A popular lens material, however some distortion problems may be present.

1.53 Trilogy: Martins Eyecare’s lens of choice for rimless/semi-rimless frames and for safety applications. This lens is stronger than Polycarbonate lenses with super optics.

1.61, 1.67 and 1.74: These are all high index lenses, providing thinner and lighter lens options.

Transitions: A lens which remains clear whilst indoors and at night then automatically adjusts level of tint according to the amount of light present outdoors. These lenses offer 100% UV protection.

Nupolar: Our sunglass lens of choice fully polarized available in a range of colours and guaranteed against delamination.

Drivewear: A polarized photochromic lens that darkens outside as well as behind the windshield of a car. This lens blocks blinding glare as well as offering 100% UV protection.

Optional Lens Extras

Back Hardcoating: Provides extra protection from scratching to the back of the lens.

Double Sided Hardcoating: Provides extra protection from scratching to both sides of the lens.

Standard Multicoating: Provides extra protection from reflection, scratching, water and UV rays to both sides of the lens.

Satin Multicoating: Provides clearer vision whilst minimising reflection. These lenses also provide protection from scratching and are easy to clean.

Synergy Coating: Provides an invisible antifog layer to your lenses.

UV Filter: Reduces the amount of light reaching the eyes and makes vision more comfortable.