The Domani company began in 1992 after the founding family arrived in Sydney. The creators draw inspiration from the colours of Australia and are now available throughout the world. A well-known company in the optical industry they are always providing beautiful new models of frames for us, as well as continuing to supply the classics.

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What Makes Domani Unique?

Domani Eyewear stands out in the world of fashion eyewear as a proud Australian design house that captures the essence of Australia’s vibrant landscape and multicultural backdrop.

The brand’s uniqueness lies in its ability to infuse the rich palette of Australian life—from its dynamic colors and landscapes to its melting pot of cultures—into each eyewear design.

As an independent designer and wholesaler, Domani has also optimized its supply chain, delivering high-quality eyewear directly to independent optometrists, which sets it apart by supporting local businesses while maintaining exceptional design and functionality.

Brand History

In December 1972, the seeds for Domani Eyewear were sown when its founding family first glimpsed the Sydney Opera House through a porthole, marking their arrival in Sydney Harbour.

Officially launched twenty years later, Domani Eyewear has grown from these inspirational beginnings into a globally recognized brand.

Rooted in a deep appreciation for European styles blended with local flair, Domani has become synonymous with fashion-forward and innovative eyewear, spreading the unique Australian vibe across the globe.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Domani Eyewear appeals to a diverse demographic that values individuality and the freedom to express themselves through unique, stylish eyewear.

The brand targets fashion-conscious consumers who are not only looking for high-quality and functional eyewear but also pieces that reflect their personal style and ethos.

With a strong commitment to supporting independent businesses, Domani resonates particularly well with those who prioritize supporting local and independent enterprises. Its clientele spans across various age groups, genders, and backgrounds, united by their appreciation for craftsmanship, style, and a connection to the vibrant, inclusive spirit of Australia.