Clémence and Margaux is a brand full of sweetness and delicacy exemplifying femininity and quality.

Inspired by fashion and design, Clémence and Margaux are the two sisters responsible for the brand and it is through their complicity that the brand’s strength is derived.  Known for their chic and bohemian styles, ingenious use of pastel colours and retro elegance, Clémence and Margaux are designed to compliment the delicate, pretty young faces that wear them.

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What Makes Clémence and Margaux Unique?

Clémence and Margaux eyewear emerges as a beacon of French elegance, seamlessly merging contemporary design with a timeless charm that sets it apart.

At its heart, this brand is a celebration of femininity and quality, attributed to the intricate bond and shared vision of Clémence and Margaux, the sisters behind the name. Their unique approach is evident in their chic and bohemian styles, which are brought to life through an ingenious use of pastel colors and a nod to retro elegance.

Dedication to crafting eyewear that compliments the “delicate, pretty young faces” wearing them encapsulates the brand’s unique qualities: sophistication, contemporary flair, and an unwavering commitment to detail and delicacy.

Brand History

Founded in 2012 as part of CCO (Création Concept Optique), a family company established in 1997, Clémence and Margaux is rooted in a story of love, fashion, and a desire to bring style to visual impairment. The narrative begins with Margaux’s ambition to create frames that not only serve a functional purpose but also accentuate her sister Clémence’s style, reflecting a genuine passion for fashion and design.

This narrative has evolved into a brand known for its glamour, chicness, elegance, and the embodiment of young trends and modern shapes. The brand differentiates itself through an original touch on materials, motifs, and colors, promising a chic and trendy look that aligns with current styles.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Targeting individuals who appreciate the intricate blend of fashion-forward design and practical elegance, Clémence and Margaux appeal to a demographic that values style, comfort, and individuality. This brand speaks to those who seek eyewear that not only complements their visual needs but also serves as an extension of their personal style, offering a statement of glamour and chicness.

With its roots in family, dedication to quality, and the story of two sisters’ love and vision, Clémence and Margaux attract a clientele that cherishes storytelling, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of beauty in everyday life.