Police eyewear is inspired by the American ‘on the road’ spirit.

A unisex collection which finds its roots in the street style of large cities, the Police eyewear style is aggressive with an urban, metropolitan vocation. Aimed at the young and adventurous, Police eyewear relishes in breaking rules and is not afraid to be rebellious.

What Makes Police Unique?

Born in Italy, Police eyewear is a brand known for its bold, assertive style that appeals to those looking for eyewear which makes a statement about their identity.

The brand has distinguished itself by offering designs that are not just functional but also audacious and stylish, fulfilling a growing desire among consumers to express their personalities through their glasses.

Over the years, Police has continued to innovate, introducing iconic elements like blue mirrored lenses and maintaining a strong, recognisable identity closely tied to symbols of freedom and rebellion, such as the eagle in their logo.

Brand History

Police was launched in 1983 by De Rigo, a leader in premium eyewear, during a decade where style, music, and attitude were paramount.

From its inception, Police set itself apart by tapping into the cultural zeitgeist of the 1980s, aligning its products with the bold and vibrant spirit of the era. This alignment with the cultural currents of style and self-expression allowed Police to establish a strong foothold in the eyewear market.

The brand’s growth was propelled by its ability to adapt and reinvent itself continually, always staying relevant to a new ‘society’ with each passing decade.

Since the 1990s, Police has expanded beyond eyewear into other lifestyle sectors such as fragrances, watches, jewellery, small leather goods, and clothing, each line embodying the brand’s audacious spirit.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Police targets individuals who view eyewear as an extension of their personality and style, rather than merely as functional items.

The brand appeals to those who are bold, free-spirited, and rebellious, resonating with a global audience that ranges from youth discovering their identity to mature individuals who value a mix of classic and contemporary styles.

Police’s commitment to innovation and its strong brand identity are supported by high-profile advertising campaigns and collaborations with celebrities like Bruce Willis, George Clooney, and David Beckham, as well as partnerships with major film productions, thereby attracting a diverse clientele that values both the aesthetic and the story behind their eyewear.