This company began in the 1950’s and have now been creating glasses for three generations.

Their company ethos is one that “embodies the idea of being free, human and respectful towards all ethnicities”.

The current collection celebrates the use of vibrant colours in stunning acetates with ribbon and mesh effects woven throughout some of their frames.

Stylish prescription glasses have never looked better!

What Makes Etnia Barcelona Unique?

Etnia Barcelona stands out in the world of eyewear with its vibrant and artistic flair, deeply rooted in sustainable practices.

What truly sets this brand apart from other premium frames is its commitment to colorful, eclectic designs and a profound respect for all ethnicities.

Each collection is a celebration of life, featuring vivid colors and stunning acetates with intricate details, weaving together ribbon and mesh effects across various frames. This ethos of freedom, humanity, and respect, combined with their unique approach to eyewear design, embodies the essence of Etnia Barcelona.

Brand History

The journey of Etnia Barcelona has evolved over three generations into the powerhouse it is today.

Launched by David Pellicer, the brand owes its origins to his grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, who established the family’s first eyewear factory.

Pellicer infused the brand with vibrant colors, breaking away from the traditional black and brown, and spearheading a movement that embraced art and creativity. Over the years, Etnia Barcelona has not only been recognized for its distinctive designs but also for its collaborations with notable artists and projects that reflect its commitment to social causes and environmental sustainability.

Brand Appeal Characteristics

Etnia Barcelona appeals to a broad demographic, characterized by individuals who value individuality, art, and social responsibility.

This brand resonates with those who are not afraid to express themselves through bold and unique eyewear choices, reflecting a diverse range of personalities from fashion-forward youth to eco-conscious adults.

Its appeal extends across genders and generations, attracting celebrities and everyday consumers alike who share a passion for style, comfort, and a better world. Etnia Barcelona’s eyewear is a statement of artistic freedom and a declaration of support for a sustainable and inclusive future.